Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Light the World

We have been listening and dancing to this great song called National Children's Day Music Video on youtube. Here's the link

Students have really taken to this song and I think we are ready to take action! It talks how there's no end to kindness. That each little act of kindness can create a wonderful sight. "You can light a candle in the middle of the night, you can spread forgiveness or stand up for what is right."

Starting on December 1st, we will discuss different acts of kindness that we can do to help others. We will discuss, but more importantly do, small, simple acts of kindness each day. I hope this will touch the hearts of each student! Ms. Yu and I feel that we really need to have an extra focus on kindness at this time in Room 4. We hope to see great things come from this activity. We will post lots of ideas for you to do with your child as well.

Each day we will have a different focus.
Day 1 -Friday - How can we make someone else's life better? (make a donation or send a thoughtful note)
Day 2 - Saturday - People are in need of love and attention. How can we give them what they "thirst" for (donate water to the food bank, let someone go ahead of you at the fountain, tell someone you love them)
Day 3 - Sunday - Use your talents and skills to bless others. (Donate your skills to help someone in need, get your family together for family time, what is something you want to change in your life?)

I'll share a few ideas with you every 3-4 days or so. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us as well! We welcome all ideas and stories from your experiences.

Monday, 27 November 2017

So much info for the endless note!!!!

New Spelling Words today!
Group A
not, on, dog, got, the, pup, up, at, on, to

Group B
his, is, an, and, can, all, call, land, hand, small

In Social Studies we learned about our final community, Meteghan. We learned that it has cliffs, is by the Atlantic Ocean and has some trees and rocks. We will soon compare all 3 communities and discuss and express the differences we see between all three.

In Math, we learned about Place Value. We are learning about the tens and ones place. We used base ten blocks and practiced this skill.

We were also introduced to our first Daily 5 centre time today.
We have 5 different centres:
ABC ipads - which includes playing Literacy games in a designated spot on the ipad
Printing - Star Student sentences are created during this time.
Listen to Reading - Raz Kids is used for students to listen to their level of reading!
Read to Someone - students read with one or two partners and quietly read to each other - we will continue to work on the quiet part each day :)
Word Work - We have a variety of games for students to play with that help with reading. Today students played a game called POP, Bang and did some printing practice.

It was a great day!

For the month of December we will be working on serving other people. We will come up with many ideas to help us show a giving heart. If you have any ideas or would like to contribute, please let us know.

We are also looking for Calgary Postcards to mail to 13 communities across Canada as part of a Social Studies project. We will also need stamps for these. A paper note will be sent home soon.

Oh also, send in Headphones for your child to use during centres.

Important Info
Thursday, November 30th - Scholastic Orders due (we will get them in time for Christmas)
Friday, December 8th - No School for Kids
Wednesday, December 13 - Winter Concert (I believe)
Thursday, December 21st - Last Day for students before Winter Break

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Today we practiced our Spelling Words for our quiz tomorrow. Look back in the blogs to get all the spelling words to practice.

Next week we are starting our Daily 5 Centres. We will rotate through 5 centres:
- listen to reading
- read to someone
- free literacy ipads
- printing
- word work

We will also get to meet with our teachers a little more often one-on-one or in a small group, to work on specific needs for each of us.

Today was also Fun Lunch! The chicken fingers and fries were super yummy!

Tomorrow is our Pillars of Care Assembly. We hope those receiving awards gave you the invite and we hope to see you there. Our class is singing O' Canada for the assembly! We love to sing O' Canada

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Today we learned about the landscapes and weather in Saskatoon (Prairies). We will continue to learn about landscapes and weather in other communities across Canada, Iqaluit and Meteghan. Students have had so many great questions that we hope to research and find out the answers to.

In Math we played Odd and Even Race to 100! Students are LOVING this new version of the game! We will continue to learn about numbers in Math. We will move on to Data Analysis (graphs) next!

We have given students lots of time on Raz Kids and Mathletics and hope they are finding time at home to go on these fun learning websites!

We exchanged Library Books today! Please return it on Monday so we can get new one's next week.

We hope your home reading is going well. Some students have not exchanged books in awhile, so please ensure your child brings their red folder to school on Friday so we can exchange books with them.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Fun Science Experiments!!!!

We got new Spelling Words today! Ms. Yu and Mrs. Nelson decided that we could choose if we go into Group 1 or 2! We also decided as a class that Group 1 will have 5 new spelling words and then choose 5 more from previous weeks for our quiz! Here are the Spelling Words:
Group 1 - his, dig, pat, sun, put
Group 2 - as, has, fox, box, mix, egg, jam, pet, nap, big

There are lots of ways to study Spelling!
- write them out
- write a sentence
-make it with playdoh
- say them out loud to each other
- use a dry erase marker and board

We have a new Student of the day! Ask your child who they learned about today!

We discussed our many emotions and also talked about our Zones of Regulation. We will soon watch the movie Inside Out to connect it to our emotions and do other activities to support our work.

This afternoon we did a Science Experiment. We measured 3 temperatures of water: boiling hot, room termperature and ice cold. We made a prediction for 1 of them and then recorded our findings. We are becoming great Scientists!!!!

Important Dates:
23rd - hot lunch (forms were due today, sorry no late ones accepted.)
24th - Pillars of Care assembly - 8:15am
30th - Scholastic Book Orders Due - will arrive before Winter Break

Monday, 13 November 2017

New Spelling Words this week! Ask your child what group they are in. Spelling can be worked on at home in a variety of ways. Students can spell the words aloud to you, write them down, find them in books, create sentences with them, anything that gets them using the words in authentic ways.

Group 1: pup, bus, tub, but, I
Group 2: on, not, but, at, had, in, did, get, red, hot

We were able to roam around the school and check temperatures in different areas of the school. Some of our thermometers were not working, so we partnered up. We will do some more Science experiments about Hot and Cold in the coming weeks.

Ms. Yu and Ms. W are fitting into our class very well. We love having them here!!!

We had a new Star Student present today and tomorrow we will do some writing about him. Ask your child who the new Star Student is and one thing they learned about him today.

Parent Teacher Conferences are open for booking. Go to to book your appointment! If you are having any trouble, please let me know or call the school office to book an appointment.

-November book orders due!!!
-Return library books no later than Tuesday
-Picture re-take day on Wednesday
-Student Involved Conferences Thursday evening and Friday morning (No regular school day Friday)
-Fun lunch forms coming home today

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Happy Remembrance Day

I hope you had a lovely Remembrance Day! Here is a video that my son loves!

Yesterday we had a beautiful Remembrance Day Ceremony! During a class discussion students had such amazing questions or comments regarding Remembrance Day. We learned about the Unknown Soldier and looked at many monuments around the world of the Unknown Soldiers.

We have had time this week to explore Raz Kids and Mathletics! Username and Passwords came home on a red card that has been laminated! We hope you are able to use these 2 programs with your child at home.

Scholastic Orders were due on Friday, but I'll still accept orders if they come in Monday. December order forms will come home soon, so we can get orders in and have them shipped before winter break. Also there will be a Scholastic Book Fair starting Tuesday, November 14th and going until 11:30am Friday, November 17th.

Our first week with Ms. Yu (student teacher from U of C) and Ms. W (EA practicum student from Red Deer College) have been great! We are going to learn so much from both of them.

See you all on Monday!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

We have been doing great work this week.

We have a new Star Student and have been learning all about her and practicing sentences by writing about things she likes. We are also working on our spelling words. This is our last week doing all the same words. Next week we will be split into at least 2 groups.

We are continuing to work on our goals for Reading, Math and a Personal goal. We will have those ready to discuss with you next week at Conferences.

Scholastic Orders Due Friday, November 10th.

Moustauche Votes are $1 - send in any day

We are also still accepting food donations for the Veterans Food Bank until this Friday at our assembly. The assembly is at 10:30am. We would love to have you there.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Lots of Notices

Lots of notices came home today. Please take the time to go through them and let me know if you have any questions.

Raz Kids forms came home and students can now go on the Raz Kids program at home. We have not gone on at school yet, but we hope to by the end of next week.

Scholastic book orders will come home tomorrow. They are a great way to buy gifts for your child. If you are using it as a gift, please let me know so I can make sure it stays hidden from them.

Important Dates
10 - Remembrance Day Assembly
10 - Scholastic Orders Due for November
11 - Remembrance Day (Saturday)
15- Picture Retake Day
16 - Parent Teacher meetings 3:30-7pm
17 - Parent Teacher meetings 8-12pm
24 - Pillars of Care Assembly

Movember and Veteran's Food Bank

We are collecting food for the Veteran's Food Bank until November 10th. Please send in an item or two with your child and we will add it to the school's donation.

Beddington Heights is showing we care by running a Movember competition to bring awareness to and raise funds for prostate cancer research. Most of our male staff members will be growing a moustache for the month of November. Students may vote all month as often as they like for who they feel has the worst moustache. The cost is $1.00 per vote. $5.00 = 5 votes etc. Mavericks will be set up in the gym at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays to collect votes. You may also give your vote to Mr. Sadowsky at any other time. All proceeds will be donated to the Movember foundation on behalf of Beddington Heights school. At the end of the month, the teacher with the most votes, therefore the worst moustache will come to work on December 1st with his hair dyed in a bright funky colour. If we raise $1,000.00 or more as a school, all the participants will dye their hair on December 1st.
Let's show everyone how much Beddington cares.
Thank you for your support!

Participants: Mr. Hebert, Mr. Weins, Mr. Sadowsky, Mr. Lancee, Mr. Mueller, Mr. Shackelton, Mr. Softley, Mr. Berry,
Mr. Mahon, Mr. Beechey, Mr. Jackson