Wednesday, 20 December 2017

1 more day to go!

2017 has been good to us! We hope you have a lovely break!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzza!

Today we have talked about Christmas. It is the last holiday we are celebrating in Room 4. We read a couple stories about the first Christmas and some students had A LOT of questions! Talk with your child to share your beliefs with them, there were many questions I couldn't answer without sharing my own beliefs.

This afternoon we sang holiday songs. Tomorrow morning we will sing some more. Please join us at 9:10-9:40am to bring in some holiday spirit! My favourite song today was, Driedel!

During Mathletics time, we worked on graphing. When we come back from break in January we will finish up our unit on Graphing.

Also a HUGE reminder that we need to have all field trip forms in before we go! If your child is not attending please send me an email so I know.

Thanks :)

Monday, 18 December 2017

Today was our first day without Ms. Yu. We've gotten so used to haven her here! We can't wait for her to come back on February 20th, 2018.

Today Mrs. Nelson let us rearrange our desks and sit wherever we wanted!!! We did 2 rows facing the smart board and 1 on the side.

We read a story about Hanukkah and listened to the dreidel song. Then we read a story called Mosseltoe! So funny!

We worked on some math facts, did our Spelling quiz from last week and then went to music!

In PE today we played a snow ball game! It was fun cause we can't normally throw snowballs at school!

This afternoon we did a measuring activity! We are working on problem solving and different graphs. We leaned about bar and pie graphs, and a little about a line graph and pictograph! More on those later.

Have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Goodbye Ms. Yu

Tomorrow, Friday December 15th, is Ms. Yu's last day with us in 2017. Don't worry she will be back in February 2018 for 8 whole weeks. We will miss Ms. Yu very much, but are excited for her to come back next year. I think we will need to put a gift from the students together next April. If a parent would like to head that up I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks so much!

How adorable were your kids last night? They had such a great time preparing their songs and dance for you. Thank you for all your support!

Ask your child what they did for Social Studies. They may not know they were actually learning, he he we are so sneaky! They learned about Inukshuks and we practiced balancing rocks. In the new year, we will create our own Inukshuks.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Winter Concert Tonight!

Your children have been practicing hard and are so excited to share their performance with you tonight!

Doors will open at 6pm and the performance will begin at 6:30. All the Grade 1/2 classes will perform their songs, and then the Grade 3's will perform their songs and then the Grade 1/2's have a special surprise for you!

Can't wait to see you tonight!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Here are the next 7 days. December 4th -10th. We can't wait to hear about your experiences! 

Day 4 - Monday - Love those around you - start a conversation with someone you haven't really talked to before, buy a gift for a child in need (our parent council has a program to buy gifts for families in need from our own school), make some goodies for someone and take them over.

Day 5 - Tuesday - Show appreciation to your parents - (we'll work on this one at school ;)

Day 6 - Wednesday - We've all made mistakes, let's make them better - Do you need to say sorry to someone? Try listening to them and hearing what they have to say. Say nice things behind people's backs.

Day 7 - Thursday - We all love children, how can we help them? - This one's for you Parent's! 
donate a toy or books, tell your child how much they mean to you, make plans and help your child feel special.

Day 8 - Friday - Love those who are unkind - It may be hard to love those who are unkind, but lets make an extra effort to be kind to everyone this week. Stand up for your friend, do the right thing

Day 9 - Saturday - Comfort someone who is sick - give them a call, visit with them, draw them a picture or a card, donate blood (adults only, but take your kids with you.) Nursing homes are always in need of visitors too!

Day 10 - Sunday - Reading brings people together - share your favorite book with someone, read a book with someone, do you like a quote from a book? Share it with others. 

Saturday, 2 December 2017

December Celebrations!

This month we will be learning about 3 holidays celebrated by many people in our classroom and in Canada.

Week 1 - Kwanzaa is an African-Americans celebration of life from 26 December to 1 January. Dr. Maulana Karenga introduced the festival in 1966 to the United States as a ritual to welcome the first harvests to the home. Dr. Karenga created this festival for Afro-Americans as a response to the commercialism of Christmas.

Week 2 - Hanukkah - The eight-day Jewish celebration known as Hanukkah or Chanukah commemorates the rededication during the second century B.C. of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, where according to legend Jews had risen up against their Greek-Syrian oppressors in the Maccabean Revolt.

Week 3 - Many people celebrate Christmas Day on December 25. The day celebrates Jesus Christ's birth. It is often combined with customs from pre-Christian winter celebrations. Many people erect Christmas trees, decorate their homes, visit family or friends and exchange gifts.

We hope your learn more about each of these holidays along with us! Please share any discussions or experiences with us!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Light the World

We have been listening and dancing to this great song called National Children's Day Music Video on youtube. Here's the link

Students have really taken to this song and I think we are ready to take action! It talks how there's no end to kindness. That each little act of kindness can create a wonderful sight. "You can light a candle in the middle of the night, you can spread forgiveness or stand up for what is right."

Starting on December 1st, we will discuss different acts of kindness that we can do to help others. We will discuss, but more importantly do, small, simple acts of kindness each day. I hope this will touch the hearts of each student! Ms. Yu and I feel that we really need to have an extra focus on kindness at this time in Room 4. We hope to see great things come from this activity. We will post lots of ideas for you to do with your child as well.

Each day we will have a different focus.
Day 1 -Friday - How can we make someone else's life better? (make a donation or send a thoughtful note)
Day 2 - Saturday - People are in need of love and attention. How can we give them what they "thirst" for (donate water to the food bank, let someone go ahead of you at the fountain, tell someone you love them)
Day 3 - Sunday - Use your talents and skills to bless others. (Donate your skills to help someone in need, get your family together for family time, what is something you want to change in your life?)

I'll share a few ideas with you every 3-4 days or so. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us as well! We welcome all ideas and stories from your experiences.

Monday, 27 November 2017

So much info for the endless note!!!!

New Spelling Words today!
Group A
not, on, dog, got, the, pup, up, at, on, to

Group B
his, is, an, and, can, all, call, land, hand, small

In Social Studies we learned about our final community, Meteghan. We learned that it has cliffs, is by the Atlantic Ocean and has some trees and rocks. We will soon compare all 3 communities and discuss and express the differences we see between all three.

In Math, we learned about Place Value. We are learning about the tens and ones place. We used base ten blocks and practiced this skill.

We were also introduced to our first Daily 5 centre time today.
We have 5 different centres:
ABC ipads - which includes playing Literacy games in a designated spot on the ipad
Printing - Star Student sentences are created during this time.
Listen to Reading - Raz Kids is used for students to listen to their level of reading!
Read to Someone - students read with one or two partners and quietly read to each other - we will continue to work on the quiet part each day :)
Word Work - We have a variety of games for students to play with that help with reading. Today students played a game called POP, Bang and did some printing practice.

It was a great day!

For the month of December we will be working on serving other people. We will come up with many ideas to help us show a giving heart. If you have any ideas or would like to contribute, please let us know.

We are also looking for Calgary Postcards to mail to 13 communities across Canada as part of a Social Studies project. We will also need stamps for these. A paper note will be sent home soon.

Oh also, send in Headphones for your child to use during centres.

Important Info
Thursday, November 30th - Scholastic Orders due (we will get them in time for Christmas)
Friday, December 8th - No School for Kids
Wednesday, December 13 - Winter Concert (I believe)
Thursday, December 21st - Last Day for students before Winter Break

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Today we practiced our Spelling Words for our quiz tomorrow. Look back in the blogs to get all the spelling words to practice.

Next week we are starting our Daily 5 Centres. We will rotate through 5 centres:
- listen to reading
- read to someone
- free literacy ipads
- printing
- word work

We will also get to meet with our teachers a little more often one-on-one or in a small group, to work on specific needs for each of us.

Today was also Fun Lunch! The chicken fingers and fries were super yummy!

Tomorrow is our Pillars of Care Assembly. We hope those receiving awards gave you the invite and we hope to see you there. Our class is singing O' Canada for the assembly! We love to sing O' Canada

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Today we learned about the landscapes and weather in Saskatoon (Prairies). We will continue to learn about landscapes and weather in other communities across Canada, Iqaluit and Meteghan. Students have had so many great questions that we hope to research and find out the answers to.

In Math we played Odd and Even Race to 100! Students are LOVING this new version of the game! We will continue to learn about numbers in Math. We will move on to Data Analysis (graphs) next!

We have given students lots of time on Raz Kids and Mathletics and hope they are finding time at home to go on these fun learning websites!

We exchanged Library Books today! Please return it on Monday so we can get new one's next week.

We hope your home reading is going well. Some students have not exchanged books in awhile, so please ensure your child brings their red folder to school on Friday so we can exchange books with them.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Fun Science Experiments!!!!

We got new Spelling Words today! Ms. Yu and Mrs. Nelson decided that we could choose if we go into Group 1 or 2! We also decided as a class that Group 1 will have 5 new spelling words and then choose 5 more from previous weeks for our quiz! Here are the Spelling Words:
Group 1 - his, dig, pat, sun, put
Group 2 - as, has, fox, box, mix, egg, jam, pet, nap, big

There are lots of ways to study Spelling!
- write them out
- write a sentence
-make it with playdoh
- say them out loud to each other
- use a dry erase marker and board

We have a new Student of the day! Ask your child who they learned about today!

We discussed our many emotions and also talked about our Zones of Regulation. We will soon watch the movie Inside Out to connect it to our emotions and do other activities to support our work.

This afternoon we did a Science Experiment. We measured 3 temperatures of water: boiling hot, room termperature and ice cold. We made a prediction for 1 of them and then recorded our findings. We are becoming great Scientists!!!!

Important Dates:
23rd - hot lunch (forms were due today, sorry no late ones accepted.)
24th - Pillars of Care assembly - 8:15am
30th - Scholastic Book Orders Due - will arrive before Winter Break

Monday, 13 November 2017

New Spelling Words this week! Ask your child what group they are in. Spelling can be worked on at home in a variety of ways. Students can spell the words aloud to you, write them down, find them in books, create sentences with them, anything that gets them using the words in authentic ways.

Group 1: pup, bus, tub, but, I
Group 2: on, not, but, at, had, in, did, get, red, hot

We were able to roam around the school and check temperatures in different areas of the school. Some of our thermometers were not working, so we partnered up. We will do some more Science experiments about Hot and Cold in the coming weeks.

Ms. Yu and Ms. W are fitting into our class very well. We love having them here!!!

We had a new Star Student present today and tomorrow we will do some writing about him. Ask your child who the new Star Student is and one thing they learned about him today.

Parent Teacher Conferences are open for booking. Go to to book your appointment! If you are having any trouble, please let me know or call the school office to book an appointment.

-November book orders due!!!
-Return library books no later than Tuesday
-Picture re-take day on Wednesday
-Student Involved Conferences Thursday evening and Friday morning (No regular school day Friday)
-Fun lunch forms coming home today

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Happy Remembrance Day

I hope you had a lovely Remembrance Day! Here is a video that my son loves!

Yesterday we had a beautiful Remembrance Day Ceremony! During a class discussion students had such amazing questions or comments regarding Remembrance Day. We learned about the Unknown Soldier and looked at many monuments around the world of the Unknown Soldiers.

We have had time this week to explore Raz Kids and Mathletics! Username and Passwords came home on a red card that has been laminated! We hope you are able to use these 2 programs with your child at home.

Scholastic Orders were due on Friday, but I'll still accept orders if they come in Monday. December order forms will come home soon, so we can get orders in and have them shipped before winter break. Also there will be a Scholastic Book Fair starting Tuesday, November 14th and going until 11:30am Friday, November 17th.

Our first week with Ms. Yu (student teacher from U of C) and Ms. W (EA practicum student from Red Deer College) have been great! We are going to learn so much from both of them.

See you all on Monday!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

We have been doing great work this week.

We have a new Star Student and have been learning all about her and practicing sentences by writing about things she likes. We are also working on our spelling words. This is our last week doing all the same words. Next week we will be split into at least 2 groups.

We are continuing to work on our goals for Reading, Math and a Personal goal. We will have those ready to discuss with you next week at Conferences.

Scholastic Orders Due Friday, November 10th.

Moustauche Votes are $1 - send in any day

We are also still accepting food donations for the Veterans Food Bank until this Friday at our assembly. The assembly is at 10:30am. We would love to have you there.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Lots of Notices

Lots of notices came home today. Please take the time to go through them and let me know if you have any questions.

Raz Kids forms came home and students can now go on the Raz Kids program at home. We have not gone on at school yet, but we hope to by the end of next week.

Scholastic book orders will come home tomorrow. They are a great way to buy gifts for your child. If you are using it as a gift, please let me know so I can make sure it stays hidden from them.

Important Dates
10 - Remembrance Day Assembly
10 - Scholastic Orders Due for November
11 - Remembrance Day (Saturday)
15- Picture Retake Day
16 - Parent Teacher meetings 3:30-7pm
17 - Parent Teacher meetings 8-12pm
24 - Pillars of Care Assembly

Movember and Veteran's Food Bank

We are collecting food for the Veteran's Food Bank until November 10th. Please send in an item or two with your child and we will add it to the school's donation.

Beddington Heights is showing we care by running a Movember competition to bring awareness to and raise funds for prostate cancer research. Most of our male staff members will be growing a moustache for the month of November. Students may vote all month as often as they like for who they feel has the worst moustache. The cost is $1.00 per vote. $5.00 = 5 votes etc. Mavericks will be set up in the gym at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays to collect votes. You may also give your vote to Mr. Sadowsky at any other time. All proceeds will be donated to the Movember foundation on behalf of Beddington Heights school. At the end of the month, the teacher with the most votes, therefore the worst moustache will come to work on December 1st with his hair dyed in a bright funky colour. If we raise $1,000.00 or more as a school, all the participants will dye their hair on December 1st.
Let's show everyone how much Beddington cares.
Thank you for your support!

Participants: Mr. Hebert, Mr. Weins, Mr. Sadowsky, Mr. Lancee, Mr. Mueller, Mr. Shackelton, Mr. Softley, Mr. Berry,
Mr. Mahon, Mr. Beechey, Mr. Jackson

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Pumpkin Math

Today we did so much Pumpkin Math. First we had to count the lines on our pumpkins, measure with blocks how high our pumpkins were and estimate (guess) how many seeds were in our pumpkins. Then we opened them up and scooped out all the guts and seeds. Then we dried and cleaned the seeds and counted how many we had. We had 398, 357, 358 and 307 seeds in each pumpkin.

We didn't have time to roast them today so we will do that tomorrow!

No Home Reading Tonight! I forgot to send their books home last night (sorry about that) and tonight may be a bit too busy for families. Find a book at home and read that together!

At the end of today we worked on a word search. It included some holiday words, our spelling words for this week and our spelling words for next week. Students can finish working on this at home.

Before being dismissed we talked about Trick or Treating Safety! We hope those of you going out tonight will remember to stay safe, have fun and bring Mrs. Nelson lots of candy ;-)

Friday, 27 October 2017

Mrs. Nelson is Back and Pumpkins for Math!!!

I'm back! I had a wonderful trip and am so grateful for Ms. Wallace and her abilities to take over our class. The students learned lots while having fun!

On Tuesday I am thinking we will do a Math activity with Pumpkin Seeds. If you would like to donate a medium to large size pumpkin or money to purchase one, please email me this weekend.
I will pick a few pumpkins up on Monday afternoon. We will eat the seeds near the end of the day. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please email me.

Tuesday is Orange and Black Day! Students are encouraged to wear orange and black

I hope everyone had a fun time at the Hallowe'en Dance on Thursday evening. I heard it was so much fun. I was sad to miss it.

Today we finished our last Phonic sound. We will review them all next week and move on to writing sentences using our Spelling Words. We had a spelling quiz today and will receive it back on Monday. New words to come on Monday also.

Next week we will have our very First Star Student!!! Each week a Room 4 Student will be showcased! I will send home information a week before your child is to present! If you would like more time for your child, please let me know so I can give you the information sooner.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Presentation Friday

We are giving a presentation about our Colour Cycle program on Friday at the assembly if you would like to come watch. Some students are speaking and some are not. Ask your child if they are speaking. They should've had a slip of paper to practice their part.

See you Friday!

Monday, 23 October 2017

Mrs. Nelson is away!

Mrs. Nelson is away for 3 days! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A lot of students were sick today and a few went down after lunchtime. My heart aches for them when they are in such pain, but please discuss with them what they should do in an emergency! Find a garbage can! Run to the bathroom! Get better sickies!

Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands!!! Best way to prevent sickness!

I hope you all have a wonderful time while I'm away. Ms. Wallace will be the sub for me and was a teacher at our school last year.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Have a wonderful weekend!

Today we practiced a presentation that we are putting on for our entire school. It is about the ColorCycle program. Ask your child what the program is about. We are working hard and are excited to share our program with our whole school.

We had our Reading Buddies into our class today and we shared our presentation with them and then continued our letter scavenger hunt.

In PE we did Fitness Friday! We got into groups of 3 and 1 at a time ran to the other end of the gym and did various exercises (jumping jacks, planks, squats, etc.)

At the end of the day we did a guided drawing. Your child should have brought their's home. I think the students did a FABULOUS job drawing their zebra's.

Important Note - Parent Council Dance on Thursday October 26th. 6-8pm

Mrs. Nelson will be away October 24, 25 and 26th. Ask your child where I'm going. Mrs. Lacey will be in for her!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

We have been working hard on our Phonics and Sentences! Students are almost done learning all the sounds in the English Language. Each day students practice their printing of the letters we are working on and then write sentences with words that have those letters. Ask your child what today's letter was.

We have received almost half of our Alphabet letters from across Canada! We are looking forward to receiving the rest by the end of October!

In Science we are learning about Hot and Cold. We can tell you some things that are hot and some things that are cold. Here are 2 pictures that show hot and cold!

There will be a Spelling Quiz tomorrow!!! Friday is our day of Spelling. We started these last week, but because of our 2 four day weeks we held them over. Our Spelling words this week are

Here is the Music Blog. If you scroll down you can see 2 black videos that have our Grade 1/2 Thanksgiving Songs!

In Math we are learning about ordering numbers. Mrs. Nelson found a really cool website that helps us practice ordering our numbers! We are working on ordering them from least to greatest!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Picture Day Tuesday!!! 8-)

Wear Sunglasses on Tuesday! We are only 6 Sunglasses short for a full class picture!!! Have some to lend? Send them in!!! Thanks :)

Thank you to the parents who have replied and let me know about your blog habits :) Greatly Appreciated!!!!

Also, Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! To the family's who sent in stamps or money for stamps. We needed $45 and are only $11 short! I'm not asking for you to all send in $11, but if you want to send in $1 or $0.50, I'd appreciate that also. :)

I am mailing the envelopes off today! They've worked so hard and are so proud of their work! Take a look!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Today students worked on ordering numbers. Some students had a very difficult time with this. Mrs. Nelson went over it 5 times as a whole class, then individually as needed, then with a small group that needed help. Some students still struggled with it. Each student was asked to use a 100 chart to help them along, but some students chose not to use one.

Mrs. Nelson is going to create another lesson that may help those students who struggled. :)

We worked on our phonics and printing this morning, which is coming along really well. Students are doing really good and I think it's time to step things up for most of them. We are almost done all 42 phonic sounds and then we'll be searching for them in our reading and writing.

Continue to work on Home Reading each day! Return it this Friday!!

Have a lovely Wednesday evening!

*** Check the previous blog for important dates***

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

A super long weekend is over!

Thank you to those students who returned their home reading folders and books. It is important to do this at the end of each week so students can have new books on Monday. I know it will take a couple weeks to get into the habit, but please help your child remember to return their books.

If you would like to volunteer, please email me with the days you are available and we will set you up!!!! We always need help in our class. Please help us :)

The wrong date was posted for pizza orders to be returned by. They are due on Friday the 13th. Sorry about that :)

Room 4 had Library today so your child should be bringing home a new book. Library books are due back the first day of the week (Monday or Tuesday). Our Library day is every Tuesday, so please make sure books are returned by then.

This afternoon, we practiced Literacy Centres. Students were able to choose a centre and it was nice to see students choosing to work on printing or reading to self or to someone.

Room 4 will have a student teacher starting in November for 6 weeks and then again the same one in February for 8 weeks. We will also have an Educational Assistant Student Teacher for the month of November.

Important Dates:
October 12 - Scholastic Orders due! - thanks to those who already sent in your orders
October 13 - Pizza orders Due!!!
October 16 - No School - PD for Teachers
October 17 - CLASS PICTURES!!!!! (I promise it's on the calendar!!!) Wear sunglasses!
October 24, 25, 26 - Mrs. Nelson is away. Ask your child where she is going.
October 26 - Parent Council Hallowe'en Dance (I think it's 6-8pm - more info to follow)
October 31 - Hallowe'en - Be safe out there!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

oops 1 more thing

Please send back home reading books and red duotang Thursday....TOMORROW!!!!!



A note regarding stamps was sent home with your child today. Please check their blue folder or backpack.

We are looking for small shoeboxes!!!! Room 4 is starting a Recycling program for markers. It's for the whole school so we need shoeboxes to put in every classroom. If you have a small shoe box, or just a small box, we will gladly accept them.

We will be recycling markers of all kinds! Whiteboard markers, skinny markers, fat markers, all markers!!! If you have ones at home you'd like to recycle please send them in with your child!

Today we learned a bit about Thanksgiving and what it means to each of us. We did some writing about what we are thankful for and then drew a picture about it.

We are continuing to work on spelling each morning and phonics! Some students write 2 sentences, some write 3, some 4, and some 5!!!! Ask your child how many sentences they are writing. Todays sound was /W/! Ask your child what words start with the /w/ sound!

Important Dates:
October 6 - No School - PD for Teachers
October 9 - No School - Happy Thanksgiving
October 12 - Scholastic Orders due!
October 16 - No School - PD for Teachers
October 17 - CLASS PICTURES!!!!! (I promise it's on the calendar!!!) Wear sunglasses!
October 26 - Parent Council Hallowe'en Dance (I think it's 6-8pm - more info to follow)
October 31 - Hallowe'en - Be safe out there!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Our First Wintery Day!

Thank you to everyone who was prepared for this wintery day today! We only had a few students without gloves! Great Job Room 4!!!! Having proper clothing will help us stay warm and safe!

We are still looking for stamps to mail our "Number Ninja Turtles at Night" to 25 schools across Canada. If you have a stamp or two to donate we would greatly appreciate that. I will also accept coins to put towards purchasing stamps!

Today we started Spelling! Your child should've brought home a list with 5 words. I know some students will find these words easy, but we are just going to do them altogether and once we get the hang of it, we will split into 3 different groups depending on our ability! This is where your child will find more challenging words for themselves.

Practice writing these words at home. Work on them in the car, while making dinner, at bedtime, whenever! We will have our weekly Spelling Quiz on Thursday this week!

I've created a Star Student schedule! We have some students participating this month and others not participating until June! Everyone will get a turn, but they may have to wait a little bit! I'm excited to get this program started.

I forgot to send Home Reading home today! So I will aim for that tomorrow! Sorry about that. If you could please send in a LARGE ziploc bag that would be very helpful. Thanks

A note from the office - Accidents Happen!
The school is looking for donations of gently used pants, from size 4 up to 16, or, youth XS to youth XL. Accidents happen, be it the bathroom variety or a seam splitting, and currently we have no pants to help students in such a situation. If you have extra taking up space at home, we will gladly take them off your hands. Thank you.

Important Dates:
October 6 - No School - PD for Teachers
October 9 - No School - Happy Thanksgiving
October 12 - Scholastic Orders due!
October 16 - No School - PD for Teachers
October 17 - CLASS PICTURES!!!!! (I promise it's on the calendar!!!)
October 26 - Parent Council Hallowe'en Dance (I think it's 6-8pm - more info to follow)
October 31 - Hallowe'en - Be safe out there!

Friday, 29 September 2017


What a great day! Students did amazing in our Pillars of Care assembly and then they ran for more than 45 minutes for our Terry Fox run! It was great to be out there as a whole school and to be part of Terry's Dream. Thank you to everyone who donated money. Our school goal is $1000 and our class was able to raise $40! Great Job!!!

I think the students chose great recipients for our first Pillars of Care assembly. Remind your child to continue to follow all 4 of the Pillars and they may be our next nominees and recipients!

This weekend I want each child to get outside and to find signs of Fall! Go for a walk together and talk about what signs there are of Fall! If you find some really cool leaves, please bring those in!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Terry Fox and Pillars of Care

Tomorrow we will have our annual Terry Fox Run and our monthly Pillars of Care assembly. The assembly will begin at 8:15am and go for about 45 minutes. We will start our run after the assembly. If your child is receiving a ribbon you would have been notified earlier this week with a note home.

We have talked a lot about Terry Fox this week. He had bone cancer and had to have his leg amputated. If you want to learn more about Terry and his Marathon of Hope go to to or donate to the cause please go

We were able to have Free Math Centre time and 10 minutes of Free time today. The students are learning to really follow directions and to be mindful of others learning time.

We made a letter N for a special project. We are mailing 25 of our letter N's to 25 other classrooms across Canada. In turn they are going to mail us their letter. We already have the letter I. We do need a little bit of help with the mailing of our letters. If you want to help and could send in a regular Canadian stamp that we could use that would be so helpful. Or you can send in $1 for the mailing. If you aren't able to help out at this time that's ok. We may ask students to put the letters in mailboxes for us. We may even have a mailman come into our classroom to get them. We are trying to decide what to do!

We hope to see you tomorrow for our run. Have a lovely evening!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Today we learned about MONEY!!!!

Today we had a guest speaker! His name was Dey, like Day of the week!

He showed us all the coins and bills, except not the $100 bill. Mrs. Nelson will show us a picture of that tomorrow.

Dey taught us that we shouldn't just spend all our money, but that we should save and share it too. He left a handout for us that Mrs. Nelson will copy and send home with us later this week.

We worked on printing the letter Jj and we had Music this morning and PE this afternoon. We are gearing up for the Terry Fox Run on Friday. We will start it right after our Pillars of Care assembly. So about 9/9:30 start time. We will run for about 45 minutes. We know that Terry was very brave and courageous and we are too!
Talk with your child about who they are running for! Maybe someone you know has been affected by cancer. Discuss this with your child and we will discuss it at school too. Remember your Toonie for Terry!

If you want to volunteer with us, remember to shoot me an email.

Monday, 25 September 2017

We had a wonderful Monday back after a 3-day weekend! We had PE this morning and Music this afternoon. We also received mail from a small town 8 hours north of Calgary. Ask your child what was in the mail.

Today we learned the sound /ai/ Click the link to hear the song.

Friday September 29th is our annual Terry Fox Run. It will immediately follow our Pillars of Care assembly (approximately 9:30am). Everyone is welcome. We are collecting Toonies for Terry from Monday September 25th to Friday September 29th. You can also go to: to donate online. Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather and wearing appropriate shoes to run (running shoes). Thank you for your support.

Reading is a gift worth giving!

Beddington Heights is working in partnership with Calgary Reads and we are looking for "wee reads" volunteers. Are you are interested in getting Kindergarten and Grade 1 students excited about reading, and can commit to 30 minutes once a week? Please contact Ms. Cokar ( by Friday, September 29 and make a difference one book at a time!

Friday, 22 September 2017

This is a test!

Testing to see if this is published immediately!

Michelle Nelson
Grade 1 Teacher
Beddington Heights School

It is officially Fall at 2:02pm

Saying goodbye to Summer this morning and Hello to Fall this afternoon!

Thanks to everyone who came to Meet the Teacher Night! We hope you enjoyed some pizza and were able to be more informed about our school year. We are excited to grow and progress with your children this school year! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns!

Thank you also to everyone who showed willingness to Volunteer with our classroom! I truly appreciate all the help I receive in the class! I love this work, but any and all help is truly a blessing! If you would like to Volunteer once a week, once a month or once over the year, please email me and we will set it all up!

Have a wonderful weekend and play a board game or cozy up together and read a book together!

Monday, 18 September 2017

We had a great Monday today!

Students are working hard on sentence work. Putting words together with other words to make a sentence. One student explained that, "making sentences is like when you're talking, only you're writing it down."

Tomorrow is Picture Day! Don't forget your Sunglasses! We are looking bright into our future!

If you still have your child's Mathletics or RazKids information from last year, please feel free to continue working on that at home. Students should do no more than 20-30 minutes of work each night. Their brains are working hard at school too! 

Instead, you can play a board game with them, play outside, or cook or bake something together! This fun time also helps children's brains to continue to develop.

See you tomorrow with your Sunnies!!! (p.s. I asked students who brought them in today to leave them on their desk for tomorrow!)

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Sunnies for Picture Day

On Tuesday we will have individual and class pictures! Room 4 thought that wearing sunglasses for a funny picture would be fun.

If you could please send sunglasses with your child that would be lovely. If you have an extra pair you'd like to share that would be greatly appreciated. We will hopefully have some for everyone!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Blog Errors

I'm sorry in advance if you have signed up to receive the blog by email and you are getting it at a random time. I am trying to fix this problem for the whole school. In the meantime, check back at: each day for updates. I will probably publish a blog 2-3 times a week, if not more!

Today we worked on 3 more letter sounds and sang songs to go with each one. Then we came up with different words for each letter, E, H & R. Students then practiced their printing of each upper and lowercase letter and then wrote sentences. Everyone did really great work today!

School is out at 12 tomorrow and every Friday!!!!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Pancake Breakfast TOMORROW!!!

Starting at 7:15 am and going until 8am, the Parent Council will be hosting a Pancake Breakfast at Beddington Heights School.

Beddington Heights Students will receive a FREE breakfast and other family members will get a breakfast for $3. Each breakfast will consist of 3 pancakes, syrup and a juice box.

There will be no supervision for your child until 7:45am so please stay with your child until then.

In Room 4 today we discussed our final Pillar of Care: Care for Place! Room 4 has some pretty amazing ideas. One idea was to not waste food or drinks, because it took resources from our earth to make it and to make their containers and if we just throw it away we are wasting our earth!!!! My mind is blown by some of the discussions we have had here in Room 4!

Students are continuing to work on daily routines and expectations. Students should be able to sit and listen to a lesson and then do an activity quietly. Working on this at home will help your child in the classroom setting also. Now, we don't always sit and listen to lessons, students are directing the classroom as much as I can let them. I want this to be THEIR class and have them direct our learning.

See you tomorrow at the breakfast!

Monday, 11 September 2017

A wonderful day!

It was a wonderful day today in Room 4.

We worked on another Pillar of Care: Care for Self! These kids have such great ideas! I'm blown away by some of their answers.

We brainstormed a bunch of words and then used those words to create sentences or word lists.

We wrote our numbers from 1-100! This helps Mrs. Nelson know where we are at with some of our Number Sense.

We had PE this afternoon with Mr. Sadowsky. He will teach us on Day 1 (this week we have 2 of them). We are learning his whistle commands while playing a variety of games.

A bunch of students still need to bring in their Meet the Teacher form and their Digital Citizenship form. These forms are very important and help me out so very much. If the Digital one (orange) isn't signed and returned, the student will not be able to go on iPads or computers this year.

Have a great evening!

Friday, 8 September 2017

What a GREAT First Week!

It has been a fabulous first week in Room 4!

We are learning lots about our Pillars of Care. We worked on Care for Learning and Care for Others! Students have come up with some fabulous ideas!

We met with our Grade 6 Reading Buddies today! They are a great bunch and we are excited to read and do other learning activities with them this year.

We have played some name games this week too! This helps us to remember everyone's name! (It's great for me :)

During our Writing time, I have noticed that may students have pretty good writing. I love it! They have great ideas for lovely sentences and have shown that they know how to work hard.

A lot of forms came home this week. Please help your child remember that these forms need to be handed in. We did a whole class search today and found a bunch. THANK YOU for getting those forms in!

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you for our first full week of school on Monday!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Welcome to Room 4

Today was a busy, tiring, exciting and whirlwind of a day. We learned so much and still have so much to learn. I hope to see you all back tomorrow :)

We talked about lots of rules and expectations. We took a school tour and practiced certain skills. We even had a short dance party!

This week we will have PE in the morning at 8:30.

After-school time seemed to go smoothly with everyone knowing where they needed to go.

Thanks for making today a great day Room 5!

Have a great evening and get lots of sleep!