Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Pumpkin Math

Today we did so much Pumpkin Math. First we had to count the lines on our pumpkins, measure with blocks how high our pumpkins were and estimate (guess) how many seeds were in our pumpkins. Then we opened them up and scooped out all the guts and seeds. Then we dried and cleaned the seeds and counted how many we had. We had 398, 357, 358 and 307 seeds in each pumpkin.

We didn't have time to roast them today so we will do that tomorrow!

No Home Reading Tonight! I forgot to send their books home last night (sorry about that) and tonight may be a bit too busy for families. Find a book at home and read that together!

At the end of today we worked on a word search. It included some holiday words, our spelling words for this week and our spelling words for next week. Students can finish working on this at home.

Before being dismissed we talked about Trick or Treating Safety! We hope those of you going out tonight will remember to stay safe, have fun and bring Mrs. Nelson lots of candy ;-)

Friday, 27 October 2017

Mrs. Nelson is Back and Pumpkins for Math!!!

I'm back! I had a wonderful trip and am so grateful for Ms. Wallace and her abilities to take over our class. The students learned lots while having fun!

On Tuesday I am thinking we will do a Math activity with Pumpkin Seeds. If you would like to donate a medium to large size pumpkin or money to purchase one, please email me this weekend.
I will pick a few pumpkins up on Monday afternoon. We will eat the seeds near the end of the day. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please email me.

Tuesday is Orange and Black Day! Students are encouraged to wear orange and black

I hope everyone had a fun time at the Hallowe'en Dance on Thursday evening. I heard it was so much fun. I was sad to miss it.

Today we finished our last Phonic sound. We will review them all next week and move on to writing sentences using our Spelling Words. We had a spelling quiz today and will receive it back on Monday. New words to come on Monday also.

Next week we will have our very First Star Student!!! Each week a Room 4 Student will be showcased! I will send home information a week before your child is to present! If you would like more time for your child, please let me know so I can give you the information sooner.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Presentation Friday

We are giving a presentation about our Colour Cycle program on Friday at the assembly if you would like to come watch. Some students are speaking and some are not. Ask your child if they are speaking. They should've had a slip of paper to practice their part.

See you Friday!

Monday, 23 October 2017

Mrs. Nelson is away!

Mrs. Nelson is away for 3 days! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A lot of students were sick today and a few went down after lunchtime. My heart aches for them when they are in such pain, but please discuss with them what they should do in an emergency! Find a garbage can! Run to the bathroom! Get better sickies!

Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands!!! Best way to prevent sickness!

I hope you all have a wonderful time while I'm away. Ms. Wallace will be the sub for me and was a teacher at our school last year.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Have a wonderful weekend!

Today we practiced a presentation that we are putting on for our entire school. It is about the ColorCycle program. Ask your child what the program is about. We are working hard and are excited to share our program with our whole school.

We had our Reading Buddies into our class today and we shared our presentation with them and then continued our letter scavenger hunt.

In PE we did Fitness Friday! We got into groups of 3 and 1 at a time ran to the other end of the gym and did various exercises (jumping jacks, planks, squats, etc.)

At the end of the day we did a guided drawing. Your child should have brought their's home. I think the students did a FABULOUS job drawing their zebra's.

Important Note - Parent Council Dance on Thursday October 26th. 6-8pm

Mrs. Nelson will be away October 24, 25 and 26th. Ask your child where I'm going. Mrs. Lacey will be in for her!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

We have been working hard on our Phonics and Sentences! Students are almost done learning all the sounds in the English Language. Each day students practice their printing of the letters we are working on and then write sentences with words that have those letters. Ask your child what today's letter was.

We have received almost half of our Alphabet letters from across Canada! We are looking forward to receiving the rest by the end of October!

In Science we are learning about Hot and Cold. We can tell you some things that are hot and some things that are cold. Here are 2 pictures that show hot and cold!

There will be a Spelling Quiz tomorrow!!! Friday is our day of Spelling. We started these last week, but because of our 2 four day weeks we held them over. Our Spelling words this week are

Here is the Music Blog. If you scroll down you can see 2 black videos that have our Grade 1/2 Thanksgiving Songs!

In Math we are learning about ordering numbers. Mrs. Nelson found a really cool website that helps us practice ordering our numbers! We are working on ordering them from least to greatest!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Picture Day Tuesday!!! 8-)

Wear Sunglasses on Tuesday! We are only 6 Sunglasses short for a full class picture!!! Have some to lend? Send them in!!! Thanks :)

Thank you to the parents who have replied and let me know about your blog habits :) Greatly Appreciated!!!!

Also, Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! To the family's who sent in stamps or money for stamps. We needed $45 and are only $11 short! I'm not asking for you to all send in $11, but if you want to send in $1 or $0.50, I'd appreciate that also. :)

I am mailing the envelopes off today! They've worked so hard and are so proud of their work! Take a look!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Today students worked on ordering numbers. Some students had a very difficult time with this. Mrs. Nelson went over it 5 times as a whole class, then individually as needed, then with a small group that needed help. Some students still struggled with it. Each student was asked to use a 100 chart to help them along, but some students chose not to use one.

Mrs. Nelson is going to create another lesson that may help those students who struggled. :)

We worked on our phonics and printing this morning, which is coming along really well. Students are doing really good and I think it's time to step things up for most of them. We are almost done all 42 phonic sounds and then we'll be searching for them in our reading and writing.

Continue to work on Home Reading each day! Return it this Friday!!

Have a lovely Wednesday evening!

*** Check the previous blog for important dates***

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

A super long weekend is over!

Thank you to those students who returned their home reading folders and books. It is important to do this at the end of each week so students can have new books on Monday. I know it will take a couple weeks to get into the habit, but please help your child remember to return their books.

If you would like to volunteer, please email me with the days you are available and we will set you up!!!! We always need help in our class. Please help us :)

The wrong date was posted for pizza orders to be returned by. They are due on Friday the 13th. Sorry about that :)

Room 4 had Library today so your child should be bringing home a new book. Library books are due back the first day of the week (Monday or Tuesday). Our Library day is every Tuesday, so please make sure books are returned by then.

This afternoon, we practiced Literacy Centres. Students were able to choose a centre and it was nice to see students choosing to work on printing or reading to self or to someone.

Room 4 will have a student teacher starting in November for 6 weeks and then again the same one in February for 8 weeks. We will also have an Educational Assistant Student Teacher for the month of November.

Important Dates:
October 12 - Scholastic Orders due! - thanks to those who already sent in your orders
October 13 - Pizza orders Due!!!
October 16 - No School - PD for Teachers
October 17 - CLASS PICTURES!!!!! (I promise it's on the calendar!!!) Wear sunglasses!
October 24, 25, 26 - Mrs. Nelson is away. Ask your child where she is going.
October 26 - Parent Council Hallowe'en Dance (I think it's 6-8pm - more info to follow)
October 31 - Hallowe'en - Be safe out there!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

oops 1 more thing

Please send back home reading books and red duotang Thursday....TOMORROW!!!!!



A note regarding stamps was sent home with your child today. Please check their blue folder or backpack.

We are looking for small shoeboxes!!!! Room 4 is starting a Recycling program for markers. It's for the whole school so we need shoeboxes to put in every classroom. If you have a small shoe box, or just a small box, we will gladly accept them.

We will be recycling markers of all kinds! Whiteboard markers, skinny markers, fat markers, all markers!!! If you have ones at home you'd like to recycle please send them in with your child!

Today we learned a bit about Thanksgiving and what it means to each of us. We did some writing about what we are thankful for and then drew a picture about it.

We are continuing to work on spelling each morning and phonics! Some students write 2 sentences, some write 3, some 4, and some 5!!!! Ask your child how many sentences they are writing. Todays sound was /W/! Ask your child what words start with the /w/ sound!

Important Dates:
October 6 - No School - PD for Teachers
October 9 - No School - Happy Thanksgiving
October 12 - Scholastic Orders due!
October 16 - No School - PD for Teachers
October 17 - CLASS PICTURES!!!!! (I promise it's on the calendar!!!) Wear sunglasses!
October 26 - Parent Council Hallowe'en Dance (I think it's 6-8pm - more info to follow)
October 31 - Hallowe'en - Be safe out there!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Our First Wintery Day!

Thank you to everyone who was prepared for this wintery day today! We only had a few students without gloves! Great Job Room 4!!!! Having proper clothing will help us stay warm and safe!

We are still looking for stamps to mail our "Number Ninja Turtles at Night" to 25 schools across Canada. If you have a stamp or two to donate we would greatly appreciate that. I will also accept coins to put towards purchasing stamps!

Today we started Spelling! Your child should've brought home a list with 5 words. I know some students will find these words easy, but we are just going to do them altogether and once we get the hang of it, we will split into 3 different groups depending on our ability! This is where your child will find more challenging words for themselves.

Practice writing these words at home. Work on them in the car, while making dinner, at bedtime, whenever! We will have our weekly Spelling Quiz on Thursday this week!

I've created a Star Student schedule! We have some students participating this month and others not participating until June! Everyone will get a turn, but they may have to wait a little bit! I'm excited to get this program started.

I forgot to send Home Reading home today! So I will aim for that tomorrow! Sorry about that. If you could please send in a LARGE ziploc bag that would be very helpful. Thanks

A note from the office - Accidents Happen!
The school is looking for donations of gently used pants, from size 4 up to 16, or, youth XS to youth XL. Accidents happen, be it the bathroom variety or a seam splitting, and currently we have no pants to help students in such a situation. If you have extra taking up space at home, we will gladly take them off your hands. Thank you.

Important Dates:
October 6 - No School - PD for Teachers
October 9 - No School - Happy Thanksgiving
October 12 - Scholastic Orders due!
October 16 - No School - PD for Teachers
October 17 - CLASS PICTURES!!!!! (I promise it's on the calendar!!!)
October 26 - Parent Council Hallowe'en Dance (I think it's 6-8pm - more info to follow)
October 31 - Hallowe'en - Be safe out there!