Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Pumpkin Math

Today we did so much Pumpkin Math. First we had to count the lines on our pumpkins, measure with blocks how high our pumpkins were and estimate (guess) how many seeds were in our pumpkins. Then we opened them up and scooped out all the guts and seeds. Then we dried and cleaned the seeds and counted how many we had. We had 398, 357, 358 and 307 seeds in each pumpkin.

We didn't have time to roast them today so we will do that tomorrow!

No Home Reading Tonight! I forgot to send their books home last night (sorry about that) and tonight may be a bit too busy for families. Find a book at home and read that together!

At the end of today we worked on a word search. It included some holiday words, our spelling words for this week and our spelling words for next week. Students can finish working on this at home.

Before being dismissed we talked about Trick or Treating Safety! We hope those of you going out tonight will remember to stay safe, have fun and bring Mrs. Nelson lots of candy ;-)

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